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Woman Owned

Empowering Taste: Female Winemakers and Distillers

Celebrate Women's History Month with female winemakers anddistillers at Table & Vine. Explore our curated collection empowering taste and craftsmanship winemakers and distillers that we carry on our shelves.

Wente Vineyards

At Wente Vineyards, they are fortunate to have strong female leadership throughout many branches of the organization.
Since 1977, women have had a voice and seat at the table – driving key decision making and growing Wente Vineyards to what it is today.

Wente Vineyards is proud to support Dress for Success in their mission to empower women in communities worldwide to thrive in work and in life.
In 2023, Wente Vineyards has donated $10,000 to Dress For Success. 

Benriach Single Malt Scotch Whiskies

Dr. Rachel Barrie, Master Blender for Benriach Distillery with over 30 years of experience in the industry, is a true master of her craft. She began her career as a research scientist at the Scotch Whiskey Research Institute and has made her mark in the production and distilling for a number of whiskey institutions over the years. She is a legend in her own right and continues to pave the way for women in the liquor industry.

J. Lohr Vineyards & Wines

At J. Lohr Vineyards & Wines, talent and ability are not defined by gender, race, preference, creed or other protected characteristics. They embrace individuals for their unique contributions to their family business and industry, as they look to better the communities where their colleagues, suppliers, customers and their families, live and work.

Bread & Butter Wines

Linda Trotta is a second generation Italian-American with a career in winemaking for over three decades and spanning four continents who found inspiration by the winemaking set up in her grandfathers garage. Linda is an award winning winemaker, earning the 2018 North Bay Business Journal Napa Valley Winemaker of the Year award along with other prestigious accolades, she can't imagine doing anything else with her days.

Women-Owned Collection

Changes in culture is giving rise to women owning, operating and developing wines and spirits. We are constantly inspired by a new class of trailblazers like the McBride Sisters, Fawn Weaver and Melly Barajas who are making their mark in the industry.

Two Chicks Ready-to-Drink Cocktails

Meghan Hanna and Linda Cash owners of Two Chicks Ready-to-Drink cocktails, made it their mission to use their product as a way to bridge the gap between cocktails and inclusivity, the name "Two Chicks" was the brainchild of Meghan Hanna who was raised by two mothers, is one of two daughters and has two daughters. The number 2 has a significant meaning and Meghan and Linda, the dynamic duo behind the brand, dove in with both feet making this a nationally recognized product in 40 states and counting.